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Established since 1990, Kirin Industrial has, over the years, proven to be a successful player in the fabrication field. To date, Kirin has a total of 4 branches in South East Asia.

Synfab Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd <Malaysia>

The first branch established overseas by the management of Kirin Industrial in 1992, Synfab Marketing serves as an operating factory in charge of processing the materials purchased from Verseidag-Techfab, and fabricates them according to each customer's specific requirements.

This factory basically consists of several fabricating units, which includes a sewing unit, a fabrication-cutting unit, a packaging unit, and a shipping unit. All goods have to go through this processing stages before they are finally ready to be distributed to customers in Singapore. There, the goods are stored until they are ready to be sent to appropriate destinations.

Mr Morgan Sim
Managing Director

PT. Kirinesia Synfab <Indonesia>

Established in 1993, this branch backs Kirin up in Indonesia in terms of sales, fabrication, and distribution of filter cloths.

An operating factory receives goods shipped in from Singapore and fabricates the materials here. PT. Kirinesia's establishment provides direct assistance to customer within Indonesia in terms of sales and services.

Mr Kelly Ng
Executive Director

SN Filter Specialist Sdn Bhd <Malaysia>

The third overseas branch was setup by Kirin in 1994 to serve as a control center for the distribution of goods to customers within Malaysia. This support company allows orderly distribution of goods and provides assurance in terms of goods and services to local customers.

Synfab PHILS., Inc. <Philippines>

Kirin Industrial took yet another step in expanding her market in South East Asia recently by setting up a brand new branch, Synfab PHILS., Inc. in the Philippines to manage sales and attend to customers' needs within that region.

With the establishment of this branch, local customers now have the assurance that their needs will be attended to at a faster rate.